Empower children to become entrepreneurs

Children are introduced to colorful professions, but over time, the generally understood professions are school teacher, dog face, police officer, planter, or even president. It is rare for children to aspire to become entrepreneurs.

There are several reasons why the profession of entrepreneur or business owner is not a common aspiration for children. One of the determining factors is that they rarely come across business figures.

Therefore, it is important to present a series of successful entrepreneurs who can inspire you. For example, figures like Chairul Tanjung, Bob Sadino, Sandiaga Uno and other businessmen.

Inversely important as a follow-up step is to provide business education, adapted to the child’s age.

Here are some tips to train children to become entrepreneurs.

First, introduce the aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur. Familiarize children with this profession. Children often find entrepreneurship as a career strange.

Present successful entrepreneurs, both from abroad and from outside the country. You can also present successful numbers from your own field so that children can see real-life examples.

Explain the benefits of being an entrepreneur. For example, they can help others by creating jobs, addressing poverty, providing support to others in terms of material goods, or other examples that would intrigue children to become entrepreneurs.

Highlight other advantages. For example, entrepreneurs work alone without others telling them what to do or without others managing them because they do not work for anyone differently, and the success of an entrepreneur also depends on themselves.

Secondly, involve children in the trade. You can involve them in distributing cookies or toys in an original gallery while they play. Or bring them snacks or popsicles to sell at the academy.

In this way, little by little entrepreneurial intelligence will develop in them. They will gain experience in commerce, for example when their products do not sell well, when faced with unfriendly responses from musketeers, or when they encounter different buyers, both friendly and hostile.

Additionally, if children dive directly into the field, they can see what vacancies they can sell or produce. For example, they may see opportunities in trading stationery, colorful snacks, toys, etc. Children will tend to be sensitive to the business opportunities around them.

Third, involve children in creating enjoyable creativity. In addition to commerce, they sometimes involve children in making crafts to sell.

Frame these conditions with play. For example, use felt fabrics or fabric scraps that can have a profitable value. You can also involve the kids in burning galettes together. This way, children will share creatively based on their interests and do so without feeling overwhelmed.

Fourth, give prices. Celebrate and reward children for exceptional achievements. In fact, if their products don’t sell, they should be rewarded for their sweat.

Give them a product they enjoy, such as going out to eat, buying them a toy, giving them a redundant plutocratic fund, or a product they want. It’s not about teaching them to be extravagant, but rather showing them appreciation for their hard work. In this way, children will feel happy and learn to value achievements, whether their own or those of others.

Fifth, educate to share. In addition to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, don’t forget to educate children to care for others. Educate them to reserve a portion of their blessings for others. For example, share it with musketeers or contribute to charity.

inseminate in children that in the blessings they admit, there is a part that belongs to others and that must be given. By cultivating a generous position, children will hopefully become generous entrepreneurs.

With these tips, children are expected to develop business intelligence that contributes to the profitable independence and substance of our country.

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