Foreign language ability and child intelligence

Why do Australian schools teach Indonesian? Or why does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia require its students to be fluent in English? Why should foreign languages ​​be taught as early as possible? Does mastering a foreign language really improve a child’s intelligence?

Originally, learning a language allows us to pierce a wide range of academic literature. nearly 80 of technological literature is written in English, which is why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia considers it necessary for its scholars to master the English language.

Secondly, language allows people to fraternize with people from colorful nations. One can integrate more fluently into foreign surroundings if one is fluent in the language spoken there.

Third, learning two or further foreign languages can cover the brain from unseasonable aging, madness, and Alzheimer’s complaint. The main reason is that learning the language requires a advanced position of attention. learning two or further languages means having better attention compared to learning just one language.

Fourth, it encourages creativity, since using a foreign language requires paying attention to structure and word choice.

Fifth, people who are fluent in two languages ​​tend to make more rational decisions. Those who use a foreign language tend to analyze questions more slowly and deliberately.

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