Husband’s participation in ménage chores has positive impacts

Is it wrong for a hubby to help his woman with ménage chores similar as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, ironing clothes,etc.?

Manneke Budiman, a professor at the Faculty of Cultural lores at the University of Indonesia, says the division of labor in a family shouldn’t be grounded on gender.

In her composition named “Household Husband Creating Equality or Constructing a New Myth,” Ella Manneke states that connections between family members aren’t just about completing each other but also about completing each other.

Each person in the family has the same responsibility to foster concinnity within it, anyhow of whether he’s a father, mama , child or any other member of the family.

“The family shouldn’t be divided grounded on work and gender- acquainted spaces, similar as the kitchen, the theater , the reverse room, the living room, the family room, etc. The family should be understood as a set of mortal beings, not as a work unit or a physical layout made up of spaces,” says Manneke.

She believes that husbands also have the ability to take out the trash, prepare food for everyone, iron clothes, bathe the baby, learn and earn money outside. On the contrary, a wife also has the ability to earn a living.

Ella Manneke emphasizes that when deciding to marry and have children, husbands and wives have equal responsibilities in domestic affairs and in raising children. When a husband takes on the role of primary breadwinner, it does not mean that his responsibility as a father disappears completely.

This division of labor is also supported by Dr. Kyle D. Pruett, a child psychiatrist at Yale University, United States. In his book Fatherneed: Why Father Care is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child, Pruett states that the relationship between a father and his child in the early years will enhance the child’s development of empathy.

He notes that babies between 7 and 30 months respond best to a father’s touch and hug. The role of an active father in raising children will have a positive impact on the child’s emotional balance, curiosity and self-confidence.

From a woman’s perspective, a husband who helps his wife care for her children will reduce the risk of postpartum blues syndrome. Additionally, sharing household chores can increase a couple’s happiness levels. The symbol of care by sharing household chores automatically improves the quality of happiness between husband and wife.

This was also mentioned by Adam Galovan, researcher in human development and family studies at the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Galovan and his colleagues at Utah State University surveyed 160 married couples to see how parents divide household responsibilities and how these tasks affect the relationship between husband and wife.

The results showed that the majority of wives believe that her husband’s participation in household chores improves their family relationship.

“Doing housework and getting closer to children seem to be the most important ways for husbands to connect with their wives, and this behavior influences a better marital relationship. Closeness between father and child is crucial for every mother,” concludes Galovan.

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