Learning three important things from Einstein’s family

Who does not know Albert Einstein? Indeed our primary and secondary academy children know it. Einstein is the innovator of the proposition of Relativity and in 1922 he entered the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Einstein is known as an intelligent and canny scientist. Our children frequently dream of having intelligence like Einstein’s.

However, behind Einstein’s intelligence, we should know that his childhood experienced many problems. A major problem he faced was delayed speech and an aversion to socializing or being alone. This worried his parents a lot.

However, thanks to his hard work, his parents managed to overcome this problem. A crucial moment that changed Einstein was when his parents gave him a compass, which sparked his curiosity.

Due to this curiosity, Einstein carried out various experiments without giving up and was able to persevere despite the difficulties. Over time, he made many important discoveries.

From this, as parents, we must learn three important things from Einstein’s family so that our children can enhance their intelligence from an early age. These three things are:

First, give special gifts based on the child’s intelligence interests. Children love receiving gifts. The most appropriate time to give a gift is on special occasions such as graduations, promotions to a higher class and birthdays.

Offer a special gift that excites and ignites his curiosity, just as Einstein was impressed with his compass gift. In this way, children will use the gift as experimentation material, thus enhancing their intelligence.

Secondly, if there is curiosity, accompany the child in carrying out various experiments to solve problems. Parents should not discourage them when they get excited about searching, investigating, or even dismantling things. Support and guide them so that they feel happy.

If the child faces difficulties, help him. But don’t make it too easy for them during experimentation. Let the child find the answers for himself. When they encounter and solve a problem, parents should value them well. This is what Einstein’s parents did.

Third, when solving problems to satisfy curiosity, children often cannot bear difficulties. Therefore, parents must be there to assure them that it takes effort and patience to overcome them. They must not give up. When you are patient, your child will master science.

These are the three important things his parents did until Einstein became an important figure. Therefore, these three things can also be the main basis for better educating our children.

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