Reasons why children should be protected from prejudice

Help and prevent children from becoming addicted to gaming as much as possible, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, personal computer or any other device., There are 10 reasons why children under 12 should not play with multiple biases

One, disintegrated brain development.

The mortal brain continues to develop rapidly until the age of 21. Before, brain development is determined by environmental stimulants. It has been shown that the excessive use of technologies such as mobile phones, Internet, iPads, TV, etc. Inhibits administrative function, attention deficit, cognitive arrests, disintegrated literacy, increased impulsivity, and loss of ability to regulate tone, similar to explosions.

Alternative, arrest in child development.

Excessive use of prejudices can limit motor skills and cause delayed child development. Some studies show that currently one in three children enters the academy with an experimental detention, which negatively affects knowledge and impairs children’s attention and literacy skills.

Three, epidemic of rotundity

Television and video games are known to increase the risk of rotundity. Children who are allowed to watch television and play in their apartments are known to be at 30% higher risk of rotundity.

Four, sleep disturbances.

It is known that 60% of parents do not cover their children’s use of technology, and 75% of children can use technology in their bedrooms. As a result, 75 of the past 9 and 10 do not get enough sleep, which affects their academic performance.

Five, internal ailments.

Excessive use of technology greatly contributes to increased rates of depression, anxiety, internal illnesses, attention deficit diseases, autism, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and problematic actions in children.

Six, aggressive gesture.

Violent media content can cause aggression in children. Children are increasingly at risk of incidents of physical and sexual violence in today’s media, such as intercourse, murder, rape, torture and mutilation, as depicted in numerous films and television programmes.

Seven digital limits

High-speed media content can contribute to disrupting children’s attention and diminishing their memory, as the brain prunes the whim pathways to the anterior cortex.

Eight, dependency

Parents who expose their children to technology tend to dissociate from them. Without maternal attachment, children focus their attention on prejudices, which leads to dependency.

Nine, radiation emigrations.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified mobile phones and other wireless devices as a 2B threat because radiation emissions are potentially carcinogenic. Canadian health agencies warned in October 2011 that children are more sensitive to colorful technological exposures than adults because their intelligence and vulnerable systems are still developing.

Ten, your future is at stake

Children raised and educated with technology have an uncertain future. Critical warnings are required to reduce children’s use of technology.

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