Teachers, parents and the community share equal responsibilities

Teachers, parents, and the community share equal responsibility in guiding students with inappropriate behavior.

“It is not appropriate for the community to blame teachers in schools when children exhibit inappropriate behavior,” said Djoko Saryono, a member of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s character education strengthening team, at the ministry’s office on Tuesday August 1st. According to the Universitas Negeri Malang professor, teachers, parents and the community must work together in the education of children.

However, he admitted that the pattern of learning in schools has long focused solely on teachers. In other words, parents seem to burden teachers with the heavy burden of supervising the development of children’s mentality. Djoko does not agree that the growth of children’s intelligence and mentality is supported solely by school teachers. “Leaving this important issue solely in the hands of teachers will not solve the problem,” Djoko said.

Djoko explained that if teachers continue to be the dominant figure, children will always receive an insufficient education for their intelligence and mental development. “I think this is inadequate now. Therefore, between schools, families and communities, they should form a unified system,” Djoko added.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Yayasan Cahaya Guru character education activist Henny Supolo. According to her, teachers are still held responsible when students achieve unsatisfactory results or display inappropriate behavior. “We know that no matter what happens, teachers are blamed,” Henny said.

Henny continued, these stereotypes should be abandoned by society, especially by parents of students. According to Henny, the success of a child’s development in terms of intelligence and mentality is the responsibility of parents, school teachers and the community. Therefore, it is not appropriate to overload or hold teachers solely responsible when children behave inappropriately. “For example, if the teacher has done his part but the environment at home is different, the results will be different. If the teacher has done his part but there is violence in the community, the results will also be different,” Henny said. .

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