What to keep in mind when taking your child home after school

Taking your child home after the academy is a sign of a parent’s care for their child. No matter how busy you are with ménage duties, try to take a moment to greet her appearance. Give them a warm and friendly welcome when they return from the academy.

As parents, sometimes we want to know what conditioning our child has been doing in the academy. It’s not uncommon for us to bombard them with questions as soon as they get home, which inevitably puts them at ease. Many times, the child ends up responding aimlessly, which can frustrate us as parents.

Therefore, there are several effects to consider when your child drinks at home after school. What are they? Let’s Play.

  1. Give your child time to rest

School conditioning can be really exhausting for children. Additionally, if the academy is far from home, the return trip also drains the child’s energy. Therefore, we must give our child time to rest.

When tired, not only children but also adults will be reluctant to assume and remember what happened during their conditioning. So don’t be surprised if your child gives arbitrary answers to the questions we ask.

  1. Find out your child’s status

After giving your child time to rest, it is time to check on her status, whether she has eaten or not. Prepare his favorite food. May you enjoy your food in peace. Avoid bombarding them with questions that might make them lose their appetite.

  1. Start a discussion by telling stories.

To listen to your child’s stories, you don’t always need to ask questions. Parents can start by first telling stories about topics related to the academy or our own gestures during the academy time. Children will surely be encouraged to participate in your current gestures, including telling about their day.

Turn that discussion into a good-natured discussion while relieving post-academy fatigue. Always remember that we do this to establish good communication with our child, not to test him with basic products.

  1. Offer support

Starting a discussion by offering help is one of the effective communication styles. As an example, ask them if there are any practices you can help with. By offering help, children will freely participate in the schoolwork they entered into the academy.

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