Promote leadership qualities in young people

Parents always pray that their children will be useful to their religion, their family and their society in the future. Some parents even pray that their children will one day become leaders.

Of course, all these prayers must be accompanied by the efforts of both the parents and the child. Although every child is born with leadership qualities, she still needs support to grow and develop.

Below are ways to cultivate leadership qualities in children from an early age:

  1. Confidence: Having confidence is crucial for a leader. Train children to be confident, to present themselves bravely in front of others without feeling inferior. Parents can advise and motivate children to be confident. Avoid words that may make children feel pressured. However, also avoid excessive praise. Give compliments at appropriate times to build trust without developing overconfidence.
  2. Express opinions Allow children to express their opinions in diurnal conditioning. For illustration, when the family plans a trip, ask the child’s opinion. Educate them how to admire the opinions of others, how to handle rejection of their own opinions, and how to engage in formative conversations.
  3. Discipline and Honesty A good leader must have tone- discipline and always be honest. Start by breeding discipline in the child, similar as tutoring him to stand in line, wake up on time, supplicate on time,etc. Likewise, train them in honesty. Parents can demonstrate honesty directly. This helps children understand the importance and benefits of honesty.
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