Reading comics also has its benefits

Children are naturally drawn to comics. Colorful images and familiar characters make children enjoy reading comics for long periods.

However, many parents question the benefits of reading comics for their children’s intellectual and character development.

Comics are pictorial stories that use images to explain the narrative. Unlike novels with a plot, comics emphasize storytelling through dialogue between characters.

Actually, reading anything is very beneficial for people of all ages. Each reading activity has its own benefits and covers a wide range of knowledge.

There are numerous benefits that children can gain from reading comics, including:

  1. Fill free time: Reading comics on weekends or long vacations makes the break more meaningful than simply shopping. This instills a love of reading in children through their favorite reading materials.
  2. Improve memory: Reading allows people to retell what they have read as it stimulates the memory to record the content. After reading comics, children can tell the stories to their friends, encouraging them to explore other types of reading materials.
  3. Improve imagination and creativity: Comics are visually appealing to children. Reading imaginative stories with pictures feeds their imagination through the images depicted, often leading them to apply it in drawing. Thus, in addition to reading, children also learn to draw through fictional comic characters.
  4. Affordable Entertainment: Compared to going out, reading comics is much cheaper and more fun. When considering leisure activities, think about alternatives such as reading comics.
  5. Cultivate a reading hobby: Enjoying comics can directly or indirectly improve the habit of reading. Starting with comics, children can move on to read other informational books, expanding their reading material options.
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