Parents and teachers must stay up to date

In today’s digital age, parents and teachers must recognize and understand what is currently developing in children’s world. Parents need to learn what children want in their learning experiences today.

According to Itje Chodidjah, an education observer at the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) in Bandung, parents do not have to abandon the old educational styles of their time, but it is also crucial to pay attention to the advancements of the times and trends in education. children. interests in modern systems.

One of these aspects is children’s use of electronic devices, communication methods and skills, which parents should take into account. Moral education is also essential for parents to teach. Itje mentioned that these lessons cannot be done halfway.

“Parents need to know and understand things like the appropriate use of electronic devices, how to communicate and express opinions, because children imitate what parents do. Additionally, the most meaningful education comes from moral and character education, which is originates in the home.” he said recently.

In addition to parents, Itje noted that teachers also need to stay up to date to capture students’ interests. Outdated teaching methods will bore students and they will not understand what they are being taught.

“Therefore, the first weakness is the equality and quality of teachers. The quality of our teachers is still uneven, some are excellent, but others are mediocre. This causes disparities in the quality of students between different regions” , he explained.

According to Itje, a teacher should not have limited knowledge. They must also teach in a modern way and abandon outdated learning systems. Teachers must be aware of information advances and technological progress. “I think kids listen out of respect and shyness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re really learning,” he added.

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