Why should parents read books?

I often get questions from parents: “Why should I read books? I’m old and out of school. So what’s the benefit if I read books regularly?”

Then I share why I like reading books. Well, it’s because my parents used to read books to me, they often bought me books and we had a lot of books at home. And more importantly, I often saw them both reading books.

From then on, I consider my parents as my first library in life; the first to introduce me to books and make me love reading. And I am very grateful that, thanks to my love of reading books, my dream of being a teacher was achieved.

At least thanks to reading books, my educational journey went smoothly. He could follow school lessons well and get good grades because he read school material well. I also read scientific and literary materials well.

This is an important reason why parents should read books.

Perhaps this seems subjective; Well, if so, I will present the results of scientific research that make it necessary for parents to read books. In the book “Read Aloud” (2008), the reading culture of parents is analyzed. The research book took a sample of thirty people, fifteen of whom became teachers, successful in economics and education, while the other fifteen became day laborers or workers. Here are the results of the research:

Firstly, twelve out of fifteen teachers were read stories or books by their parents from childhood, while among workers, only four out of fifteen were read books.

Secondly, fourteen out of fifteen teachers came from families with houses full of books, with a family library with a rich collection of books, while workers on average only had four books.

Third, the parents (both fathers and mothers) of the thirteen teachers were identified as people who read books well, spending their days reading books, while among the workers, only six were book readers.

Fourth, all fifteen teachers were encouraged by their parents to read books regularly from childhood, while among the workers, only three were encouraged by their parents to read.

Here we can see that parents who love to read, encourage their children to read, provide reading materials at home, and enjoy reading books are important activities to prepare for their children’s future.

If we, as parents, want our children to succeed, then reading should be a habit at home. And this will work well if the parents are also good readers. Therefore, reading is actually the basic foundation to prepare our children for a bright future.

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