Tips to deal with children’s school rejection

“Dody… it’s already noon!”

“Let’s go to school, Dod!”

“Hurry up… Dod!”

Phrases like these are often said when our children have not yet gone to school. It is fortunate that the child obeys our orders. But what if they don’t? For parents, this becomes a mind-numbing question. What could be the problem our son is experiencing?

When a child consistently goes to school, he makes us all proud. The teachers feel happy and, as parents, that certainly makes us happy.

However, sometimes we notice that not all of our child’s behaviors align with our expectations. We often encounter situations where the child is at school but refuses to enter. Why did this happened? Perhaps the child is embarrassed, scared, or something else is making him or her refuse to go to school.

The above problem needs a solution so that we as parents can address our child’s school refusal. Here are some tips to help with a child who refuses to go to school.

First of all, avoid scolding the child. Anger is an uncontrolled emotional outburst. This is because something is not going according to your wishes. Usually, when angry, negative words are uttered.

Unintentionally, these negative words can influence the child’s thoughts. When scolded, the child feels confused and insecure, which leads to low self-esteem. This makes the situation worse and does not solve the problem.

In this case, the child needs attention and affection. The loving gestures of those around you are crucial. As parents, we must first listen to the child’s wishes. Little by little we can enter their world and explain to them the benefits of attending school or the disadvantages of refusing to go.

Second, identify the cause. Every problem a child faces has a reason. This reason may come from the child himself or from external factors. If it’s the child’s, give him the opportunity to express his feelings. On the contrary, if it is external, find out by asking your friends, teachers or other family members.

Third, involve the teacher in the task of picking up the child from school. Teachers are like second parents at school. Its role is crucial in the psychological development of a child. For the child, teachers are seen as capable of giving answers to her problems. By involving the teacher, an emotional closeness is established between the teacher and the child. The child feels more attention, which is expected to raise awareness about the importance of attending school.

Fourth, involve your friends to help you look for them. Not all friends can be close friends. Here we are looking for friends who understand the child’s situation well. In other words, close friends. Close friends are considered capable of understanding the child’s problems. Therefore, by involving his close friends, it is hoped that they can help restore the child’s confidence, encouraging him to boldly attend school.

These are some tips from the writer, which we hope will be beneficial. In essence, every child wants to go to school; They just need attention, motivation and significant support. He believes that with attention, motivation and significant support, there will be improvements in a better direction. In this way the problem of school rejection can be solved. Good luck and give it a try.

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