Women as a pillar of family health

She says an expression: “Among family members, only the mother cannot get sick.” Mothers play a crucial role in the family. They become administrators, supervising and taking care of many things. If a mother becomes ill, family activities may be interrupted.

A mother or a woman also has health-related rights. According to health expert Dr Tan Shot Yen, on Mother’s Day, many people are busy pampering their mothers, but forget that a mother or woman has the right to live a healthy life.

Women’s health rights range from childhood to old age. Women also have the right to receive accurate medical information. “Health information for women is crucial because if a mother does not have correct information, how can she convey accurate information to her family members? How can a mother maintain the health of the family?” Dr. Yen said.

A woman’s right is not just about rhetorical love but about genuine care. Women have the right to receive accurate health information, understand the meaning of a healthy lifestyle, practice a healthy lifestyle, and pass on a healthy lifestyle to all family members.

As a pillar of family health, women are also expected to have knowledge and broad access to education. “If a woman lacks good health information and becomes a mother who does not provide good nutrition for herself or her child, the mortality rate will be very high. Children will suffer from infections due to improper eating habits. In adulthood , the disease burden increases,” explained Dr. Yen.

Furthermore, Dr. Yen explained that being a mother is a lifelong profession. Even if a woman decides to be a housewife, if she is well educated, she will become an excellent manager of her family.

“What’s the point of being smart outside, running a business, but not being able to manage time for the family, not being able to spend time just cooking for the family?” she emphasized.

Therefore, to achieve this, women’s health needs can be addressed from childhood. From an early age, girls should receive their rights, including exclusive breastfeeding, healthy and balanced nutrition, timely vaccinations, proper treatment of diseases and loving care for their growth and development.

In nonage, girls have the right to admit healthy and balanced nutrition, formal andnon-formal education, accurate reproductive health information, and training in problem- working chops.

In majority or reproductive age, women have the right to admit accurate nutrition and active life information,pre-marriage medication services,pre-pregnancy medication services, parturition and postpartum care, family planning services, and early discovery. of nasty conditions.

Meanwhile, in old age, women have the right to receive nutrition and active and productive lifestyle services, care for menopause problems, services for degenerative diseases and early detection of malignant diseases.

Therefore, according to Dr. Yen, today women no longer talk about being respected but about the importance of understanding rights. “Mothers play an important role from the child’s first year to the following years. A mother should be an intelligent pillar of family health and a balancing force in any situation. This is why it is repeatedly insisted that mothers cook for the family. family instead of depending on childbirth services, let’s take care of mothers’ health not only for themselves but for the entire family,” Dr. Yen emphasized.

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