How to deal with teenagers entering nonage

Entry into high academy marks the morning of early nonage, where a child no longer wants to be called a child but isn’t yet ready to be called an grown-up. This is what’s known as a delicate transition period from nonage to majority. During this time, individualities suffer significant changes as they tend to be more emotionally unstable.

There are several prominent characteristics of children of secondary school age, namely: unbalanced height and weight ratios, emergence of secondary sexual characteristics, ambivalence between the desire for solitude and the desire for social interaction, the enjoyment of comparing methods, ethical values or norms with the realities of adult life. , labile emotional reactions and expressions, beginning to develop standards and expectations for their own behavior that align with the social world, and relatively clearer career interests and choices.

How should parents behave when dealing with children of this age? As Boldsky cites, here are some attitudes parents can adopt:

Stop overprotecting your child
Parents frequently do not want their children to go out at night or go to academy alone because they want to cover them. still, to educate children and make them independent, it’s necessary to check their defensive instincts a little, especially if they tend to be restrictive. Let children use public transportation and dare to go out and learn to take pitfalls for themselves.

Let them see the harshness of reality
The harshness of reality does not only refer to rape, AIDS, prostitution, pornography and many more. However, their children cannot remain innocent forever. Let them watch news related to these topics so they know what is happening in the world.

provide money
She can give her son enough money to start something on her behalf. However, don’t give them too much that makes them feel too satisfied. Make sure they are not hungry, but also teach them that they have to work hard to support themselves.

Let them make mistakes
Don’t be too afraid when you find out that your child will be fined for driving too fast or failing a test. Freedom is essential. However, be sure to take appropriate disciplinary action for it. If a child fails an exam, reduce your pocket money. If they drink alcohol and drive, don’t let them drive. Punishment must be relevant and deterrent in the right place.

Encourage them to express their opinions
Your child’s opinion may differ slightly from yours, but it is essential to ask her opinion. Therefore, encourage them to talk and debate with you about certain things. However, remember to debate healthily because debate is good. That’s why you should let your child be independent.

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