Having their partners hold their babies frequently makes them smarter

Carrying a baby in public, such as on the road or especially on shopping malls, is often considered old-fashioned and “towny.” Currently, other young families, especially middle and upper class families, find it more comfortable to carry their babies in strollers than to carry them in their arms. In fact, the design and model of baskets, strollers or baby carriages have become indicators of social status for parents.

Still, baby-carrying is a tradition that has existed since the dawn of mortal civilization. The tradition of having babies exists in all societies in the world. Colorful studies have shown that babywearing has numerous benefits for both parents and babies, including

  • Babies have more stable moments, they breathe regularly, they sleep more hours, they have less stress and they cry less constantly. Additionally, when carried by their parents, babies have a more vulnerable system, advanced oxygen immersion rates, faster weight gain, faster brain development, and an advanced breastfeeding success rate.
  • Babies quickly learn their place as members of the family and community, along with the culture, morals and values ​​within them, making it easier for them to acclimate and acclimatize.
  • According to the scan, babies who are constantly held and talked to by their mothers will develop better speaking skills sooner. From a young age, they pay attention to and absorb the exchanges around them, especially their own. In fact, they are amused when you talk to them because you are within their line of sight and the sound is close enough.
  • Carrying babies strengthens the bond with their parents. By using them, babies become more familiar with their parents’ unique smell and voice. Additionally, parents learn more about the signals babies give when they need essentials, making them more open to their needs.
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