Parents Should Apply Parenting Patterns for Millennials

Today’s parenting styles are clearly different from those applied by fathers in history. Children born between 1980 and 2000, known as millennials, are relatively delicate to predict.

Psychologist Ratih Ibrahim explains that one of the main characteristics that characterize millennials is their ambition, their high position and their high aspirations. “They’re also bold, really creative and really sociable,” he explains.

Ratih also points out that millennials are a generation that loves freedom. They tend to enjoy challenging themselves, exploring new effects and facing obstacles. While this may seem positive, these characteristics often lead millennials into tax problems.

Since they still do not fully understand it, their gesture tends to be consumptive, which leads them to be addicted to shopping or have a shopping hobby, among other effects. As a result, they end up using their parents’ credit cards. which leads to waste, explains Ratih.

With similar traits, Ratih highlights that maternal control plays an important role.

“Set limits and cover them. Of course, control their expenses, even informing their parents, if they use a credit card. However, they will continue with this pattern,” continues the psychologist, if this becomes a habit.

She also remembers that the children’s deeds are largely told in their parents’ programs.

According to Ratih, parents should educate their children to understand that wealth is not just about plutocrats. It also implies a healthy, balanced and happy life.

“All of this needs to be managed, while on the one hand, it is a generation that needs to be emphasized. This needs to be understood by millennials, including their parents, including those who need to prepare the next generation, that millennials really They have life goals, and if these life goals are defined correctly, their quality of life will be good,” he explains in more detail.

Thus, millennials will understand what needs to be done. They will understand how taxes work, how to organize their lives, how important it is to save and spend, what to spend on, and how to plan their future careers for a better life.

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