Children Can Also Experience Stress, Parents Should Intervene

Stress is not exclusive to adults. Young children can also experience stress, such as when they get bad grades on tests, are scolded by friends, or make mistakes, among other things. It can also arise from parental pressure to get good grades, place in the top 10, excel in arts or sports, etc.

We may know or remember cases of elementary school students who bullied their peers. Perpetrators of this type of bullying may be experiencing stress and not know how to cope. As a result, they channel their confusion into physically attacking a schoolmate, causing injury or even death.

Parents need to be aware and recognize when their children are stressed, understanding how to address it so that their children do not experience prolonged stress and potentially uncontrollable behaviors.

There are several ways parents can try to reduce stress in children, including:

  1. Create a feeling of security at home

Home is a sanctuary for a child. When a child feels safe and comfortable at home and has a place to lean on when she faces problems, her stress will gradually decrease.

  1. Share happy jokes

Try sharing humor or light-hearted jokes, playing your favorite music, and participating in activities together, such as having dinner or going for a walk on the weekends.

  1. Narration

Telling stories is the best way to bond with a child. If your approach is successful, they may open up about the problems they face. If not, it’s okay. It simply tells stories about superheroes who sometimes experience setbacks and problems, and how the heroes solve them.

  1. Let the child play

Try to allow or even encourage your child to play longer than usual. Playtime often brings joy to children and helps them forget the problems they face.

  1. Cultivate problem-solving skills.

Parents with older children can begin to teach them how to deal with problems. Then, help them imagine the consequences of each action. Open questions like “What do you think about this?” It will prompt them to think about problem-solving strategies.

  1. Be a good example

Children usually emulate their parents in everything. Therefore, be cautious in your behavior when dealing with work-related stress as it will influence how your children handle problems when faced with them.

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